AC Condenser – Information And Alternative Prices Defined

Cleaning your AC condenser unit must be an annual routine. You can also maintain the unit seasonally to assist the general upkeep. Upkeep should take you about an hour, though you will get sooner with information and observe.

The thought behind the maintenance is to keep the unit working effectively. You may be checking for harm, removing debris and clearing the area of possible airflow blockades. You will need a screwdriver with a Phillips, flat, and ¼ drive ends. Most 4-in-1 screwdrivers will match all the screws in your condenser.

Additionally, you will need a backyard hose with a nozzle attachment, eye safety, gloves, and both a store vacuum or air compressor.

Essential Note: Any time you are working in, on, or around the condenser unit, it’s essential to shut off the ability. You can pull the power disconnect block (or toggle the on/off swap to off). Nonetheless, you ought to be cautious as many parts inside retain the electricity they retailer. Even with the ability off, sudden jolts of element motion are nonetheless possible.